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Mobile Banking delivers the information you need, when you need it!

You can now securely access your account information on your smart phone or other modern mobile device!

Get the Perfect Teller App:

Or you can scan this QR image to go to the ptApp:

Or go to the following URL on your smart phone:


This link creates a SECURE connection before you enter your account number and password.

Your CU ID is: 1839318393
* You will need your four digit Authorization Pin Code that was assigned to you when you enrolled in Home Banking.

The first time you access Perfect Teller from your phone, you will need to validate your phone as a device allowed to access your account by entering your Birth Date, your Zip Code, the last four digits of your SSN, and the PIN that is assigned to your account. Remember, this information must match the PRIMARY member on the account.

If you have forgotten your PIN, log in to Perfect Teller from your computer and click the 'Forgot Pin?' button to recover it.

In case of problems

  1. Do not enter a "www" - www.pt4web.com and www.m.pt4web.com are both INcorrect.
  2. Make sure your phone is asking for a URL or location, not text to search for.
  3. Make sure you format your birthdate properly: 01/02/1973 not 01021973.
  4. Your PIN is not the same as your password - a password is something you choose and must enter each time you log on, whereas your PIN was assigned to your account automatically when you first started using Perfect-Teller and is only needed when you answer the Multi-Factor-Authentication questions required to allow access to your account from a new computer or mobile device.
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